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Server consolidation and containment with VMware software provides a solution for these problems. Virtual infrastructure enables workload isolation and granular resource control for all of the system's computing and I/O resources. By consolidating physical systems in the data center onto servers with VMware virtual infrastructure, enterprises experience:

Reduce IT Costs While Improving Flexibility & Responsiveness

Don’t let server sprawl and platform dependencies prevent your organization from achieving its goals. Take control of your IT infrastructure and help it reach its full potential by using virtual infrastructure solutions .
  •     Reduce hardware and operating costs by as much as 50%
  •     Reduce the time it takes to provision new servers by up to 70%
  •     Save more than $3,000 per year for every server workload virtualized
Server Consolidation and Containment

As enterprises grow, IT organizations must rapidly add computing capacity—often in the form of new servers with a variety of operating environments. The resulting server sprawl is costly in terms of capital and people needed to operate, manage, and upgrade new servers.
  • Lower total cost of ownership of servers
  • Higher server utilization
  • Increased operational efficiency
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