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A South West Aviation organization's current enviroment on FC SAN could only acheive a 2 hour RTO using Site Recovery Manager technology. To meet customer objective, the solution needed to be optimized to achive a sub 30 minute RTO.

The current system contained over 300 virtual machines and over 3 TB of space. The system need to fail over to the standby server room in less than 30 minutes, but the current Run Book fail-over was taking 2-3 hours. A large part of the fail-over time was spent rescanning the Fibre Storage Area Network and remounting the LUNs, following by re-inventoring the virtual machines.  To complicate matters, the IOP's storm caused by bulk restarts of all of the fail-over virtual machines took over 45 minutes alone.

The solution was to implment a global cluster solution that supported active-active LUN clustering over the low latency link between the 2 server rooms. The challenge was to build a solution at 1/4 the cost estimate  provided by the current storage vender. To meet the IOPs requirement without breaking the bank, Vigilant developed a method to reduce IOPs by using scripted Link Clone technologies and impemented a IP SAN solution that supported global active-active mirroring on standard SAS based storage!
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