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Vigilant Managed Services provide your business with the same level of service and security as we provide to the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and several international airports.


With Vigilant Managed Services providing secure offsite backups of your critical data and maintaining your software applications in ready-to-push configurations at all times, your recovery from such a disaster can take place in minutes or hours, rather than in days or weeks. Plus - you can stop worrying about legal problems that arise from lost invoices, contracts or tax data. Everything you need, from the simplest email thread to the biggest contract document, is maintained in redundant, easily restorable backup content that is ready to go at a moment's notice. 


Vigilant Managed Services gives you peace of mind, providing the Vigilant team with a clear picture of your overall infrastructure - the locations and statuses of your laptops, desktops and server equipment; the status of your overall software-defined cloud environments; the level of application licensing, application versions, and provisioning; and the level of backup storage you've purchased, and when it should be expanded or streamlined. Plus, you get the benefit of regular system and status reports every month.


Contact the Vigilant team today to find out more about Vigilant Managed Services. And, for a limited time, you can receive a full hour of engineering support plus standard monitoring of up to 5 devices in your current environment, for only $125 per month. Talk to our staff about setting up a basic monitoring package today and let Vigilant help you find the gaps in your security, your backups, and your cloud environment, and set up a secure and effective cloud-based business environment for you. 



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