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The Vigilant patented technology is a highly adaptable decision support tool and customizable workspace, leveraging AI and Machine Learning to greatly reduce the amount of time that the warfighter needs to perform data-dependent tasks. Our workspace allows warfighters to work as a team - and dynamically define their collaborative environment - in real time with little or no IT administration. The integrated hybrid AI accelerates the warfighter experience by analyzing the data relationships from various sources, fusing that data, then suggesting relevant information, solutions and workflows to users, allowing warfighters to concentrate on action rather than research.


Technology Readiness Level:  4-5

Technology Explanation and Status:

The Vigilant Layer8 Intelligent Workspace leverages AI and Machine Learning to increase warfighter efficiency, making it possible to concentrate on action rather than research.


Innovation Capabilities 

1.   User-trained hybrid AI data fusion engine

2.   Users can directly query the AI

3.   Supervised Learning for AI deep learning cycles

4. Operational in minutes, not days, weeks, ..

5.    Neural networks 

6.    Talks to Google's , Microsoft's and Open AI's artificial intelligence engines



Demonstrated Results 

1.      Social media feed analysis

2.      URL and document analysis

3.  Custom data source integration

4.   IT infrastructure troubleshooting

5.     Cybersecurity

 Can be trained to work in any knowlege managment industries (sale, legal, medical, IT, etc..)

Expand your workforce!....

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