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Ransomware attackers have gotten pretty smart. Some of the earlier ransomware variants would encrypt files on the server, making them useless and  force users to pay ransom fees to get the data back. 

When clients called us for help, we simply went into their shadow copies and system restore info and recovered the system to a safe restore point. Newer variant are much smarter, they disable, and sometimes actually purge  system restore points. To recover from these smarter ransomware variants you need a more sophisticated system.

Vigilant put in place the Vigilant Vault system that leverages technology know-how and various custom tools to ensure  we always have solid, low RTO recover points and have helped our  client recover from this attack in less than a day and was able to justify systems, monitoring  and training to prevent recurrences.

Contact us to learn how this technology can be implemented in you environments in just a few hours  for less than %50 of the cost of competitors

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