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Airport Network Support

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In 2016, Vigilant worked on a significant project, helping to build staff augmentation support for a large U.S airport. As time went on for our client, they noticed how the previous implementation of their network system struggled in the areas of network configuration and storage support. Our client called on us for much-needed support in this area as an expansion of our original commitment.

Vigilant successfully completed various infrastructure tasks providing network support improving these and many other problems where needed via powerful servers. This advanced project had Vigilant use its full expertise to provide the best network infrastructure update possible. Our guidance to this airport enabled a successful update with the need of only a few instances of hands on assistance. Here is the total scope of work that was completed by Vigilant during this assignment:

1.       Provided Proactive Sustaining

a.       Network logs

b.       Virtual Infrastructure

c.       SAN reviews

d.       Change control changes that impact multiple users, or require downtime.

2.       Provided regular operational support for the following areas:

a.       Storage support/SAN engineering; includes monitoring and proactive maintenance

b.       Network configuration and troubleshooting; includes monitoring and proactive maintenance

c.       Virtualization support; includes monitoring and proactive maintenance

d.       Enterprise engineering and troubleshooting

3.       Provided network support remotely where possible.

4.       Provided on-site network support where needed and where specifically requested by the airport.

5.       Provided on-call after hours support on weekends, evenings, and holidays as needed.

6.       Developed high-level diagramming: as-built and moves, adds, and changes to documentation for systems where work is performed.

7.       Developed weekly status reports that identify for the week: what is completed, what is in the process of estimated percentage completion, key changes made, when and why, and uncovered issues that need to be addressed and why.


This project heavily relied on our program management and integration support capabilities. We performed active sustaining using various monitoring tools such as SolarWinds and HP's SiteScope, and maintained communication with the customer through our Integrated Project Team (IPT) and change control management methods.

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